Disney Comes to Lake Stevens

The new Disney Store within the Lake Stevens Target store.

With little fanfare, a new mini Disney Store opened within the Lake Stevens Target store today. It is one of the 25 Target stores to receive a Disney presence and the only one in Washington state. So far. Disney plans to open 40 more locations in Targets by October 2020.

The Lake Stevens in store store is located near the toy section of the store with another section dedicated to Frozen 2 merchandise near the store’s entryway and a few other displays set up throughout.

Frozen 2 is a big deal at Target in Lake Stevens.
Frozen 2 is a big deal at Target in Lake Stevens.

When the new partnership was announced in August, the two companies stated that each location will stock about 450 items, many of which are usually only available at dedicated Disney Stores. Most of these items sell at $20 or less, but the prices actually range from $2 to $200.

The Lake Stevens store features a little bit of everything including coffee mugs, t-shirts, Christmas sweaters, ornaments, toys and lots of stuffed Olafs. Items found here feature characters from Disney’s wide range of animated hits, TV shows and movies. I suspect that the merchandise will change a lot throughout the year with each new Disney project coming to the big and small screen. Gentle Disney music plays in the area and a TV screen features clips of Disney movies.

The Disney/Target combo is an interesting experiment and from what I saw today, many young shoppers give the place a big thumbs up. Is it worth going out of your way for? That depends. There’s a lot here, but I didn’t see anything spectacular. If you live near a “regular” Disney Store, I would say to just shop there. The prices appeared to be the same as what you would find elsewhere too. Now, when and if the items go on sale, that might be a different story.

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